Welcome friend! I’m Hope Leilani, and I’m so happy you’re here. I truly hope that you discover refreshing, inspirational, and life-giving content that is different than what you’ve seen on blogs before.

As a disclaimer, I am an imperfect human being loved by a perfect God, and I don’t pretend to be anything more on my blog or social media. I hope here that you see a joyful and truly abundant life with imperfections, flaws, and failures, all wrapped up in a grace filled life.

I am passionate about living in true abundance and wellness in all areas of my life, and I hope that this passion overflows into everything written here for your benefit!

I am also very passionate about the love of Jesus and His free gift of grace that cascades over us when we welcome Him into our hearts and lives! Though I am most definitely a work in progress, I am being renewed by His love day by day and walk in freedom and wholeness.

At home wellness, holistic solutions, and remedies are also something I love and have been doing my whole life, and it has truly changed the way I live for the better. I share these same products, tips, and recipes on my blog so that you can join me in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

I made this blog for YOU. I want to inspire you to live more fully than you have before, to experience freedom from toxic culture trends and portrayals of perfect “influencers”. Life is a gift and the Giver is good and He wants to give us abundant life!

I purpose here to inspire you into true health and abundance, and to live a life that’s radiant + well.

A little bit about me…

I am an island girl at heart – salty breezes, sandy feet, wavy hair, turquoise ocean, you get the idea. I love cool starry nights, mangoes, the windows open on a breezy day, skincare, essential oils, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Coffee dates with friends and boho decor, a bowl full of raw veggies and hammocking in evergreen trees.

I live in the countryside and love our pretty chickens laying eggs every morning and the refreshing, hard work of gardening and harvesting.

I used to struggle with fitness, my relationship with food, and my view of my body. Through laying down mindsets and toxic habits, I thankfully am free from obsessiveness in that area. If you are struggling or have struggled with something similar, you’re not alone, and I pray that you are encouraged here to live freely and wholly.

I am so excited for you to start exploring my blog and be filled!

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