Hi! My name is Hope Leilani! I love Jesus and wildflowers, nature, trying new recipes, DIYs, reading, hand lettering, and Embroidering.

I am a health conscious teen who is constantly trying new face masks and homemade beauty DIYs. I am also a Bohemian/ natural minimalist that loves to be creative!

My family and I love Young Living essential oils and have been using them for over 11 years. For more info on them you can visit oilingwiththemiers.com.

Our Why    

Before we begin….. Let’s talk a little bit about why my family and I choose Organic, 100% natural, and Young Living Essential Oils.

Before my family knew YoungLiving and were educated about what we put on, around, and in our bodies, my Mom thought that the ingredients and food grocery stores sell were safe. I mean why wouldn’t they be? She did a little bit of research and realized that the ingredients companies put in their food were not what she thought. They use artificial and synthetic flavors, dyes, preservatives, toxic chemicals, and fragrances! And just so you know, the words, artificial and synthetic mean FAKE AND MADE IN A LABORATORY! And companies don’t just put these in food. They use all of those ingredients in personal care products too, including; hair products, nail polish, deodorant, toothpaste, skincare, makeup, and the list goes on! And those chemicals aren’t JUST really bad for you, they mess up your digestion, immune system, liver, and cause countless more problems with your body! And so now we eat only organic foods and use 100% natural products!


And then we found the company, Young Living and discovered that God made natural remedies from plants, and flowers, and that these were called essential oils. These essential oils have been helping our family now for over 10 years and we absolutely love them! Like we always say, “There’s an oil for that!” YoungLiving also has health products, supplements, makeup, and lots more – all with NO toxic chemicals WHATSOEVER! My family loves them so much that we started sharing with others their amazing properties, and that has become my parents full time job! You can check out there website below and visit my other blog pages about our amazing travels we’ve been able to have through YoungLiving!

You can learn more about essential oils and what they do here; oilingwiththemiers.com

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