Modest + Trendy Swimsuit Shops To Find Your Dream Suit From This Summer

It’s getting warmer, and where I live that means kayaking, paddle boarding, lake days, tanning, and lots of time outside. And to be honest, what’s better than living in your bathing suit during the summer? There’s a certain feeling about it that just makes you do something fun everyday.

But, to be really honest, it is for some reason, incredibly hard to find a cute bathing suit that doesn’t show everything off. Like really hard. For years I would just buy a one piece from target so that I could get by while trying to find a bathing suit I actually liked online… but never could find “the perfect one”. Ok, this sounds pretty dramatic, and maybe I’m just picky, but has anyone else struggled with this? 🙋‍♀️

We went on a trip to Florida this year to escape the winter, and I got really serious about finding a good bathing suit. I made due with the one piece while I seriously looked for a swimsuit to buy, and not just put on my wish list. And I really found the cutest little online (and in-store) places where I bought my bathing suit. They met all my requirements – not super revealing, not old-lady or 5-year-old-like, practical so I could play sports in them, and just cute!

If you’ve been on the hunt for some modest and trendy bathing suit places, I got you, sister.


High quality, gorgeous, simple, and classy. I love the faint vintage vibes and the simple patterns. I got their black high-waisted ruched swim bottoms, and their knotted bikini top, but the latter didn’t end up working for me. Their style + material is well worth the money and the look though!


Again, a super cute, but also super swimsuit selection. I love the sporty-but-not-sporty feel to their swimsuits and how their perfect for swimming and playing sports. They have support + enough cover for all kinds of outdoor adventures!


A more girly, fashionable swim brand, but still great for beach days! They have LOTS of colors, patters, and styles, all perfect for mix matching. It’s a high quality + modest win again. I ended up getting their simple black cropped bralette which I really love and matches perfectly with the bottoms I got from Roolee.


This one’s kind of a mix between Lime Ricki and Albion Fit – it’s a little girly, a little classy, with some simple and fun patterns. Again, modest and high quality selection and material, and their clearance section always has amazing options too.


These are definitely not in the “modest” category, but they do have some good options (shorts, rompers, cropped swim tops, etc.) if you search well enough. I got a pair of board shorts from Billabong that go perfectly with the top + bottoms I got from the some of the places listed above!

I hope that you find your dream swim suit because of this post and have tons of summer fun! Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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