7 of The Cutest Online Christian Shops

Hey friends! This blog needs some fresh content and whats better than some cuuuute places to online shop?? I mean who doesn’t love another cute online shop to add to that list for whenever you get into that online shopping spree mood? Sometimes the best (and stress-free) way to shop is online, because you can look at things forever, hop from different shops on your browser, and get some pretty sweet discount codes.

I’ve had my eye on several of these shops listed below for a while now – they are so super cute, encouraging, and full of cozy + fun items to use, decorate your house with, and wear. Though I haven’t bought from all of these yet, I can’t wait to try them out, and support these super cute small businesses that are little pockets of sunshine!

l a n e y r e n e

w o r d s b y s a d i e r o b

Their tagline. Words of Affirmation, is so perfect for their products as they’re covered in words of light and affirmation! This little shop made by Sadie Robertson is full of cozy sweats covered in the Good News, hats, sweatshirts, and more!

j e n e s s a w a i t

If you haven’t heard about this girl, yet, she is amazing! Her hand lettering has become so popular on social media, and she uses it to be such a light and encouragement for others. Her shop is full of prints + posters, mugs, pillowcases, journals, stickers, and more!

h o s a n n a r e v i v a l

Like said above, this shop has beautiful hand painted Bibles, journals, stickers, devotionals, and more! I am super excited to buy from them soon, and possibly get one of these gorgeously customized Bibles!

e l e v a t e d f a i t h

Full of Christian apparel, stickers, jewelry, and accessories! I love this place that is like a Christian Pura Vida, and their products are very high quality.

Use my code HopeAs15 for 15% off your order!

w i l d f l o w e r

This. place. Their purpose + products are so beautiful, and I need to get these lovely shirts that represent the beautiful mess I am, being pruned, grown, and watered in Christ!

i m a g o d e i

Their sweatshirt with “imago dei” and a tiger on it caught my eye, and I think that the purpose + title of this shop is so awesome! “Made in the image of God” is such a powerful and encouraging truth that is definitely worth being reminded of, and reminding others of.

I hope that you enjoyed these super cute and encouraging Christian shops! Let me know your questions + comments below!

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