Find Rest from Striving at the Feet of the Love

HEYO FRIENDS! Blogging is a type of hobby that comes and goes and has inspiration and then feels so bleh sometimes, so I’ve been giving myself grace with it, but I want to do some fun Christmasy things before its over, so I’m back!

I want to bring you some words of LIFE this morning, wherever you may be in your walk with God, in this journey of life!

Lately I’ve been struggling with striving. Believing lies of “I’m not good enough”, except this time its in a spiritual point of view. Isn’t it sneaky how the Devil disguises the same lie to look different and new and surprising? I did a couple posts a while back on overcoming lies about yourself, and it was mainly for my outward appearance then, but wow I didn’t realize that those same lies and truths apply to ALL areas of life, especially spiritually.

So, unknowingly believing these subtle lies of “I’m not enough for God” and “I’m not doing enough” and etc, I fell into a habit of hard striving. Like, reading tons of books + chapters in the bible, constantly reminding myself to pray or do certain things (which IS NOT bad, but when you have the wrong mindset it can be really tiring), and just constantly feeling like it’s all just not enough and how can God use me when I am just not good enough.

It really hurt. Like a nagging feeling of guilt and worry and fear of just God not listening to me or caring about me, or just like I’m too much. I felt so burdened and weary and discouraged with everything I was putting on myself and just feeling no different or any relief. Everyone else is having dreams and revelations and hearing God speak, why not me when I’m doing so much and trying so hard to seek God?

My friend, let me encourage you today that you DO NOT have to WORK for HIS LOVE. I think that’s the biggest lie and the sneakiest trap of the Devil. Guilting you into working for love so that you don’t want to wake up the next morning and read your Bible, or listen to the sermon, or feel a pang of guilt when you hear someone listening to a worship song.

You do not have to strive for His love.

Striving leads you to a place of resentment and guilt, because you fear your never enough and feel hurt by God.

Resting in His love instead of working for His love is the most beautiful thing you can do in your relationship with Him. Sitting at the feet of the Father instead of running around trying to serve Him in your own strength, and just feeling so tired but thinking that there is no rest.

If you have found yourself in this same place, I want to just encourage you to go sit at His feet. Don’t come into His presence trying to hear something or trying to be good enough for Him. Girl, He suffered and died for your heart, why would He want your perfection when He knows you can’t reach that big daunting tip of the mountain of perfection.

That’s why He died – to set you free from the unattainable tip of perfection. So come to Him, acknowledging your brokenness and imperfection – He loves you as you are, not as you are trying to be. He wants your heart, not what you can do. It is HE, the Spirit of Life that will work in you to grow you and bring you closer, until He brings you to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Phil. 1:6) For grace UPON grace He showers upon us. (John. 1:16)

So, sister, lay your burden down, you can never be perfect, but you ARE enough to Him. You don’t have to work for His love, only rest in it. You don’t have to worry and be fearful that you’re not doing enough or growing fast enough or are close enough to Him.

And maybe the reason you feel so far apart and lonely and not hearing His voice is not because He has stopped speaking or has turned away, but because He wants you to come in surrender and lay down your weariness so that you can clearly hear his voice. Maybe reading those five different books and memorizing verses like crazy and forcing yourself to worship is just not how He speaks to you.

Maybe it’s through singing, through painting, through going outside and marveling, through something else. If you’re trying to force His voice, you won’t hear it, girl. His still, small voice is a whisper, is a gentle breeze, is a soft, barely-there kiss. So you must quiet your striving, aching heart. You need to do nothing for His love, except rest in it.

Let His love wrap you with peace and rest from your burdens, and simply sit at your Abba’s feet, letting Him rejoice over you with gladness, quiet you by His love, and exult over you with loud singing. (Zeph. 3:17)

You are enough, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and not what you can do, and you are invited to rest in that, for that is where the Spirit works the most; in a quiet, softened, and broken, yet open heart.

And don’t keep it all wrapped up in your heart either, ready to burst with the weight of these feelings! Of course tell your Father in Heaven, but also tell others – your mom, dad, sister, Christian mentor, someone who can pray over you and speak truth, because God works through people to speak to you too. This is one of the most freeing things you can do, so please don’t let the weight of lies eat at your heart, but let them come into the light, for then they will be turned into light! (Eph. 5:13-14)

I pray that this encouraged your heart today, and that you always remember to lay your burdens down at His feet and rest in His love. If you ever need more encouragment or truth, I am glad to speak to a fellow sister! You can contact me through my blog or through my Insta (@hope_leilani_).

Have a blessed day soaking up His grace girl, I love you!!

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7 responses to “Find Rest from Striving at the Feet of the Love”

  1. Ah, I feel like I could cry happy tears! What a beautiful, grace filled message you’ve shared Hope. This really spoke to me. I’ve also found myself feeling uncomfortable and uneasy with who I am in this season. I try and remedy it by attempting to be the best in my craft, trying to drop a few pounds here and there but the girl inside doesn’t change. Perhaps the only real way to be set apart and rooted in goodness is to seek Him. After all, he transcends time, place, circumstance and feeling. He created all of that. He doesn’t need to overcome it. He just says “be!” and something is as such.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us🤍 I can 100% relate to this and struggle with this all the time. So many times I’m being a “Martha” and trying to run around and do things on my own, and just DO in general it prefer to receive Gods love instead of just being a “Mary”, being, sitting, and listening at the feet of Jesus.

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    • Aw you are so welcome girl. I am such a Martha as well and it is so hard for me to break the habit of striving and know that I am enough for Jesus’s love. Something that has helped so much though is listening to truth + having prayer from sisters in Christ and also asking God to break down the boxes I have created and put him in. It’s a journey, but it is so worth it when you experience His freedom and peace! 💛

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      • Mmm girl that’s so good, “break down the boxes I’ve created and put Him in.” That hit me. I do it all the time. But who am I to say what God can and can not do or should and shouldn’t do. Definitely a “worth it” journey, sister;)

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      • It hit me too when I finally realized it 😂 mine was with “bible time”. I truly had made it only bible time with reading a bunch of devotionals and bible studies and stuff and still feeling so empty and striving. Not that those things are bad, but Jesus never said to please him and earn his love through regimented reading every morning and worried thoughts of never doing enough for Him. My sister really helped me to see that and so now I have “quiet time” where it’s not organized and scheduled but simply sitting at the Fathers feet and listening and praying. So much more freedom when you dwell in His freedom! Haha that was a lot, but I just love talking about this good stuff 🤪🥰

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