22 of the BEST (last minute) Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas is just around the corner already, and whether you’re an early bird or a procrastinator ( like me) when it comes to gifts, these ideas are perfect for any girl or lady!

I love giving and getting unique, different, and of course pretty gifts that will actually be loved. Of course a part of this is knowing the person whom you’re giving the gift to, and another part is having an eye for meaningful and unique things. I have come across some really lovely and unique gift ideas that I have personally bought (or wanted to buy!), and I know that they’ll be perfect for the Her in your life ( even if you put it on your list!).

Enjoy these fun, high quality, and totally noteworthy Christmas gift ideas for Her!

1. Reusable Bamboo Face Rounds with Wooden Container

These little eco friendly face pads are so so perfect for washing your face daily or using toners, etc. without having to use disposable products. One side is bamboo fiber and the other side is velvet so that you can either scrub or soothe. It comes with 12 rounds, a washing bag, and a super cute wooden container that you can put on your counter top to store the in. I love these reusable face rounds and am super happy with the purchase!

2. Sand and Sky Face Products

The classic and most popular product from this Australian skincare company, Sand & Sky, is there Australian pink clay face mask. It is amazing for acne and is super soothing. All of their products are super high quality, and though they are a bit pricey, their products won’t disappoint! So if you have a lady in your life that loves skincare and self care, this is the perfect gift to pamper her!

3. Olive and June Nail Polish

This nail polish company is 10- free, non toxic, high quality, long lasting, and super gorgeous! Though I haven’t tried them yet, their reviews and products look pretty convincing. The perfect gift for a salon quality mani or pedi!

4. All Along You Were Blooming

A speechlessly beautiful book of heartfelt and deep quotes that will touch your heart and uplift your soul! A truly lovely book for any lady in your life that appreciates poetry and loves personal growth!

5. Live by Sadie Robertson

A beautiful and empowering book to speak life to women and challenge them to truly live with purpose and joy! A wonderful and inspiring read, and perfect for a personal growth book/devotional.

6. Daily Hiking Backpack

If she is a little bit more sporty and has places to go and things to do, a daily hiking backpack is the perfect bag for her as it will hold a lot, is convenient to carry, and isn’t an endless abyss of a purse! These backpacks, such as Northface, Patagonia, etc. are high quality and super cute, making it the perfect bag for versatility and style.

7. Lululemon Gift Card

Lululemon is a high quality, and stylish fitness company that is pretty popular right now and has the best items for active wear and lounging. Getting a gift card gives the receiver the option and excitement to choose what they love the most, and makes it easier for you as well! If the lady in your life is sporty, active, stylish, loung-loving, or all of the above, Lululemon will be perfect for them!

8. Hydroflask Waterbottle

Hydroflasks are super popular right now, but I would say for good reason. They’re extremely durable, cute, and the perfect adventure buddy that will keep you hydrated and safe throughout the day!

9. Macrame Kit

Macrame is so popular right now, especially with girls, and it is so fun and pretty easy to make! The result is a gorgeous design that you can hang, use for plants, use as a keychain, or so much more. A macrame kit is perfect for those who are creative, boho, and like trying new things!

10. Elevated Faith

Elevated Faith is a Christian apparel and jewelry online shop that has super cute tees, stickers, rings, hats, and more! I love their products and supporting them as they donate to causes and spread the gospel! Use my code to get 15% off! HopeAs15

11. Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a very popular string bracelet and jewelry store, and their products are so beachy and cute! The perfect gift for any gal, and you can customize the bracelets/anklets to radiate their personality! Click on this link to get 50% off your first order!

12. Beauty box subscription

How fun is this idea? Getting a 3 or 6 month subscription for beauty products to be delivered right to their door is a fun gift that keeps on giving even after Christmas – especially if they like beauty and skincare! There are so many different companies that do this, so here’s a list of some of the best!

13. Blue light glasses

Cute and useful, blue light glasses are great for helping keep your eyes from getting strained while on a screen, and they’re super fun to add to an outfit!

14. Sherpa jacket

No wonder this cozy material is so popular right now, it’s not only gorgeous, but super warm and fluffy looking! Perfect for the wintertime! You can find these in super cute styles on Old Navy and American Eagle/Aerie.

15. True and Co bras

Y’all these bras are literally heaven. The comfiest material that you can’t even feel and the perfect amount of support for lounging, daily errands, and even doing yoga or pilates! If your girlfriend loves things like this, a True & Co bra will be so much appreciated!

16. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are so comfy and relaxing, and perfect for anyone who loves feeling warm and hugged (aka my mom).

17. Rubby’s Rubbish shirts

These are super cute tees and long sleeve shirts that have the cutest quotes and bible verses on them – perfect for the lady who like to speak her mind + share the good news!

18. Hello Glow skincare book

This has been my favorite DIY book ever, and actually started my on my DIY, natural skincare journey. It’s full of fun, easy, and beautiful skincare recipes all using natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen!

19. Will I Am earbuds

These are crazy awesome quality earbuds that are also so stylish and comfy. They’re bluetooth, magnetic, cute, and the sound quality is amazing.

20. Fox Box

If you really just can’t decide on one single gift or have a long distance relative/friend, a Fox Box is the perfect customizable gift idea! You can pick from hundreds of cute, high quality, coordinating products and put together a cute, cozy gift box that they will gift wrap and send to wherever you need!

21. Beach waver

I got one for my bday, and it is my favorite hair tool ever! Nothing else has worked for my hair like this, and it’s so simple and inexpensive. Makes beautiful large crimped waves and stays in for so long!

22. Salt lamp

Super cute, boho, and warm, a salt lamp is said to have good properties for purifying the air.

I hope that you enjoyed these 22 gift ideas for her, and found something to check off on your gift list! Remember you can always Pin this to save for the future as well!

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