Weekly Words

Hi friend! I’m shaking up my weekly inspo a little bit by just sharing one quote and giving a little “devo” on it. I think that focusing on one certain subject will dwell in your heart + mind a lot more than a bunch of stuff splurted out. So I pray that this will dwell in your heart + mind throughout the day and week, and that you will grow from it!

no distraction is worth your destiny

christian bosse

Wow. Did this hit me hard. I’ve been struggling a little bit with distractions myself – things like social media, books, friends, etc. These aren’t bad things, but when you let them distract you from good things, they can become bad.

I was particularly finding myself prey to distraction during my supposed-to-be Bible time. I do this normally as soon as I wake and spend time with Jesus, yet I was finding myself extremely drawn to every distraction possible – not just a phone, but things like reading, cleaning, working out, etc. Somehow, every morning, I would realize that a good hunk of time had passed and that I hadn’t even started my Bible time yet. This was definitely spiritual attack for sure!

Overcoming this wasn’t easy, and is still something I battle sometimes, but NO distraction is worth your destiny! And since these distractions were stealing away my time with Jesus, who is my destiny, I knew that it needed to stop.

How do you break free from distractions?

  • Pray – First and foremost, God wants you to break free from distractions and things that aren’t worthy of your destiny, so praying for help and strength is your first step of battle! He will help + strengthen you if you are truly wanting it!
  • Fast – This is sooo good. Fasting isn’t just for food- it’s for anything that you really enjoy/desire, or in this case, anything that distracts you. I fasted my distractions for 45 days (you definitely don’t need to do it for that long- a week or two is a good time frame! ) and guess what? I don’t feel as drawn to them anymore or desiring of them! This is a wonderful time to break free and focus on what is truly worthy of your destiny.
  • Listen – Listen to the Holy Spirit whenever you’re tempted to follow a distraction, and exercise the self control that God has given you! Make a conscious decision to not be distracted, and then follow through on it. You will feel so incredibly empowered once you have made that choice and stuck to it, and you will have loosened the Devil’s grasp on you even more!

I pray that this possibly convicted, truly empowered, and definitely inspired you to break free from you distractions and focus on what is worth your destiny. Have a wonderful week, and do one thing that maybe makes you step out of your comfort zone and scares you – when you do the things you’re scared of, fear loses its grip on you!

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