2 Personal Growth Books that are Perfect for Every Season of Life

Sometimes we just need some soul nourishment, ya know? And though the Bible is my number one go-to for that, personal growth/spiritual growth books can really help me to dive deeper and understand things in a new light. Whether it be quotes, devotionals, story telling, or anything of the sort, sneaking in a quote/chapter or two a day will bring a little wisdom, joy, and comfort to your soul and honestly, benefit your personal growth so much.

I want to share with you my top 5 favorite personal growth + spiritual growth books that I have read, enjoyed, and benefited from, and that I believe worth sharing with you! No matter what season of life you are in right now, I am confident that these two books will speak to you where you are, just as they did to me, and bring some encouragement and truth to your heart!

1. LIVE by Sadie Robertson

This book hits home run with TRUTH! Such a beautiful, heartfelt, and truth filled book that calls you to live fully in your true identity and overcome fears and doubts that are holding you back! Whether it be throwing yourself a dance party, facing the lions, or being patient and productive in a time of waiting, this book will meet you in whatever season you’re at and speak truth to you in it. I truly enjoyed this book and Sadie’s wisdom, and definitely recommend her love-filled, powerful words!

When you truly learn to live the life God offers, your whole existence becomes a verb.

Sadie Robertson, LIVE

2. All Along you were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nicholas

This book of deeply meaningful words will truly uplift your soul and speak hope and understanding to it. The echo of this book of poetry and quotes is to trust in God through the seasons you’re in and to not let fears or failures keep you from living a beautiful, purposeful life. The echo of it is grace. This book, written by a widely known Christian poet, Morgan Harper Nicholas, is one of the most unique, yet beautiful ones I have read. Through simple yet extremely deep quotes, she will speak to your heart with the theme of grace over your own flaws.

I hope that you enjoyed these two short book reviews, and that you will take a peek at them because they are truly such good books for growth! Have you ever read these books? What are your favorite personal growth books? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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11 responses to “2 Personal Growth Books that are Perfect for Every Season of Life”

  1. Great post! Both of these books I’ve been dying to read! I’ve have Morgan’s book Storyteller & I loved reading it, so I’m hoping to get her second one soon! Also, I believe that it’s spelled Morgan Harper Nichols, and not Morgan Harper Nicholas, but correct me if I’m wrong 😉

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  2. Live sounds like a great read! Thank you for introducing me. I’ve read All Along You Were Blooming quite a few times now and enjoyed it immensely with each new read. Morgan is truly full of wisdom, light and love. Just a truly beautiful soul 💐

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