Fall Outfit & Nail Inspiration

Cozy, neutral, woven, natural, bright… the list goes on when looking for the perfect fall clothes. Staying cute and warm is more of challenge than you would think, right? Some of my favorite places to shop for good quality and trendy fall clothes would probably be American Eagle, Arie, and Old Navy. Of course three are always those treasures you find in a thrift store or rando store every so often, but if I were to shop at only one spot, those would be my go-tos.

I love looking through Pinterest for outfit inspiration and ideas, and I wanted to share my fall finds with you! Along with some really cute and cozy oufit ideas, there are also some really pretty nail ideas full of neutrals, ombre, and boho colors.

Disclamer: These pictures are from Pinterest, not my own!

1. Mom Jeans + Belt + Cozy Sweater

Such a cute and simple outfit that looks super warm and retro!

Similar: Jeans | Belt | Sweater

2. Long Cardigan + Tee + Jeans/Shorts

You can ask any of my friends or family members and they can tell you that I love my cardigans. They’re so cozy and versatile and a major fall staple!

Similar: Cardigan | Top | Shorts

3. Button Up Sweater + Dark Jeans

Such a cute, simple, and easy outfit for everyday around the house during fall!

Similar: Sweater | Jeans | Necklace | Bra

4. Woven Turtleneck + Jeans + Flats

I used to think turtlenecks were hideous and… well, just ugly – (I’m wearing one as I am writing this) but cute new trends have swayed my taste, and I really think that they can be super cute if worn right! This cozy woven pullover with jeans and flats is a classy and cozy!

Similar: Sweater | Jeans | Flats

5. Wildflower Ring

This ring is one of my favorites, and is so perfect for fall with its warm rose gold color and dropping flower design! You can read more about it and some of the other awesome products from Elevated Faith in my review here.

Get it 15% off with my code! HopeAs15

Nail Inspo…

1. Gel Neutral Multicolor

How cute and “fall-y” are these nails?! I love the color palette and the gel makes it look so good!

2. Multicolor Matte Acrylic

I love how unique these are and how much they really pop without being too crazy. The matte is such a cute difference, and so is the square shape!

3. Simple Cream Gel

I just love the beautiful simplicity of this color, and how it just feels cozy and warm!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and got some cozy and fun ideas for fall outfits and nail colors! Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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