My Workout Routine + Tips (Updated & ft. Ainsley Beth)

Hey there friends! After taking a break, I am back to start posting regularly again! Who else is as excited for fall as I am? I know that I say that I’m a summer girl… but autumn. Autumn is just magical and breathtaking and has so many cozy, warm memories. If I had the choice, my years would consist of just summer and autumn on repeat! But, aren’t all seasons such a lovely experience? There are so many reasons to be grateful for each one of them!

Aside from my autumn fever, I wanted to share my newly updated daily + weekly workout routine! I did this in collaboration with Ainsley @ Ainsley Beth, so be sure to check our her awesome workout routine and tips as well! I also included a free downloadable workout schedule (below) that you can use to get workout ideas, or follow completely.

Working out has amazing health and mental benefits, and honestly I feel like a boss afterward. Since starting my workout journey a year or two ago, I’ve felt so much stronger, had more energy, have had way more endurance, and overall feel like a stronger, healthier me. I haven’t noticed much physical change in my appearance, but I definitely can tell that I am more muscular and toned.

I promise that if you start purposing to be more active, and sneak in a quick workout everyday, you will feel so much better in a lot of different areas of life, and also a lot more accomplished. And trust me, you might become slightly addicted to it after a while! It’s such a neat experience to watch the changes in your body physically and mentally, and notice how your health improves little by little. Working out is also a very practical and useful thing to do, as lifting groceries, everyday items, and doing outdoor activities becomes way easier and less of a struggle.

Here are my top 3 tips for working out, and my current workout routine schedule!

1. Have the right mindset + purpose

Working out for the wrong reasons won’t give many good benefits. If you are just wanting to do it for physical appearances, then you may not fell super motivated or ever be satisfied with the results. You may feel defeated if you don’t see change externally, even when there are so many good things happening to you internally! Whereas working out to be stronger and feel good will be way more motivating, and will 100% give the results you want, and maybe even more! So, having a good purpose and goal in mind for yourself will carry you through heavy weights and hard movements, and keep you looking forward to the gain after the pain!

2. Start small, then grow

If you are not an active person and/or don’t workout, you will want to start small and then grow as you get stronger. Going from sitting on the couch to running 5 miles will not be healthy for your body, and you probably won’t like working after that experience! I started my work out journey with just 15 minute pilates videos, then grew from there to 30 – 45 minute ones with cardio or weights. The same thing goes for when I started HIIT/cardio and weightlifting. I started with short, beginner, and low weight workouts, then increased intensity from there as I got stronger and built endurance and muscle.

3. Balance your workouts

Doing a variety of workouts is a lot more enjoyable then just sticking to one thing, and each has different benefits! I mix up my workout schedule with HIIT, pilates, weightlifting, barre, etc. I’ll show you how I balance my exercises below!

My favorite workout resources:

  1. The Balanced Life Pilates – (join the sisterhood HERE!)
  2. Chloe Ting (HIIT)
  3. Natacha Oceane (HIIT)

HIIT day workouts:

  1. 10 Min Abs + 10 Min Toned Arms + 10 Min Lower Body Barre
  2. 10 Min Abs + 15 Min HIIT + 5 Min Pilates Stretching

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and felt inspired to start your own workout routine/schedule. If you already have your own, hopefully you got some motivation and new ideas. Remember to check out Ainsley’s side of the post too! Let me know if you have any questions + comments below!

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11 responses to “My Workout Routine + Tips (Updated & ft. Ainsley Beth)”

  1. I love how realistic your workouts are! This just goes to show you don’t need to go overboard to see results. I’ve saved your workout printable and hope to start following it, perhaps even from today. I agree completely with what you’ve said about having the right intent behind working out- it really isn’t just for watching your outer self transform, but also for inner wellness!

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