10 Ways To Simplify Your Life (ft. Abigail Blessing)

I collaborated with the lovely Abigail at Abigail Blessing today to share our 10 favorite ways to bring a little bit more simplicity and ease to your life! Whether you need tips for living a little bit more stress free, or just some motivation for getting back into your routine/habits, this will hopefully do just that for you!

• Make sure to check out Abigail’s 5 tips here! •

Creating healthy habits will always turn something complicated and/or stressful into second nature, and can really bring beneifts if you are consistent with it. For me, I have found so much less stress and simplicity in the steps listed below and I hope that they will do the same for you!

My 5 tips to simplify your life & create healthy habits…

1. Have a Morning and Night Routine

Having a set time to wake up and get ready, as well as settle down for the night, are great ways that you can take care of yourself and form healthy habits. With a morning routine, you can have a quiet time, self care time, and you can set your goals for the day (and even knock out some of your “to-dos”) all before the “actual” day begins. Night time routines are also good to reflect on the day, have some quiet and self care time, and organize your thoughts for the next day. These are truly a huge part to a more balanced and simple life!

2. Organize Your Phone Apps

This will make your life so much more stress free! Go through all of the apps on your phone and delete anything that you don’t use or need, including video games. Then, categorize them. All photography/editing apps together, social media in one box, planning and notes in another, etc. After doing this on my phone, I ended up with only one page, half way full. This will make trying to find an app so much less stressful, and it de-clutters all that extra junk that just takes up data and time.

3. Spend Time Outside

Nature is not only amazing for our physical health, but also for our mental health, and can help you to be more focused and energized. Take a walk, bike ride, swim, or maybe just sit and breathe. I promise you’ll feel so much more vibrant and happy if you take a couple hours every day to soak up some sun and fresh air!

4. Use a Planner

I love using a planner in my morning and nightly routines to write down my to-do list, schedule plans, keep track of things, and etc. A planner is super helpful for organizing your thoughts as well and doubling as a note taker! I love the Happy Planner brand as they have tons of CUTE and versatile options, as well as this planner by Sweet Water Decor.

5. There is Beauty in Simplicity

We can get so caught up with stuff. And as soon as we buy something, we want more. Material things never satisfy us, and will leave us craving more and more no matter how much we get. Practicing simplicity, minimalism, or whatever you’d like to call it, will free your mind (and house) up so much and will help you to live intentionally and purposefully without feeling constantly discontent. I talk a little bit about minimalism here, and some tips for decluttering/organizing your space!

I hope that you enjoyed these 5 tips to living a more simple life! Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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24 responses to “10 Ways To Simplify Your Life (ft. Abigail Blessing)”

  1. Thank you so much, these tips are sooo helpful! I have a pretty solid school-morning and after-school routine, but on non-school days I just kind of do whatever, so I think having one then would help! 😊

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  2. A beautiful and enjoyable post as always Hope, thank you! I am such a sucker for organisation. I just organised my new phone into categories like you mentioned and also ended up with half a page full. Everything looks so neat and nice! It’s very satisfying. I’m a minimalist myself and are generally quite ordered but I definitely need to sort out a morning and night routine. I just find myself to be so random with when I sleep as everyday is different! Sometimes I have more work less, other days less. I’m not often tired so that’s a big reason for why I stay up later.

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