Weekly Inspo

Did you know that God loves you? Like actually, deeply, undeniable, no-matter-what, crazy, die-for-you, delights-in-you kind of loves you? Lately I’ve been doubting that. I’ve been feeling distant, forgotten, and just disappointed in by Jesus. I knew that those were lies, yet I just couldn’t shake off this nagging, guilty feeling deep inside of me that I was not enough anymore to be loved by Jesus.

If you’ve every felt like this in your relationship with God, you’re not alone. And you don’t need to feel guilty either for doubting or struggling with these lies. The enemy wants to make you feel like a horrible, unloved person for believing the lies that he himself told you. But the truth: God loves you no matter the season, the struggle, or the sorrow that you’re in. He loves us at our darkest, and at our best. Because we are still the same soul that He died for, and His love won’t change just because we doubt it.

Something that really helped me to be awakened again to Jesus’ never ending love for me was a podcast by Ben Courson. Like it was such a good podcast – I cried so many times while listening to it. Sometimes we just need others’ encouragement and wisdom to help us find our way back to the arms of the Father. And wow, did it really help to do that for me. The podcast was called “The Abba who Nurtures” and has three parts to it. It talks about several people in the Bible who had really dark, doubtful times in their lives, and the whole focus of it is on the kind, compassionate, nurturing, and close love of God towards you. It is so so amazing and I really encourage you to listen to all three parts of it!

Mini Bible study challenge for you this week – listen to all 3 parts of “The Abba who Nurtures by Ben Courson, and read Isaiah 49 afterwards!

I hope that this helped to confirm in your heart again the love of the Father towards you! Be joyful and steadfast in the season that you’re in, and I promise that He will bring something beautiful and better than you could ever have dreamed or imagined out of it!

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