My 5 Favorite Lifestyle Products

Everyone has those certain items that they can’t live without – things that are a part of their day to day life. These things are normally helpful, practical, and also a part of their style and personality. Most of the time we probably don’t even realize the things that we can’t live without – they just become such a part of our daily lives that you don’t even need to think twice about them!

I have my own favorite lifestyle things that I couldn’t live without (being a little dramatic here) and that I use practically every. single. day. without fail. I’m sharing them with you below, so that they can benefit your lifestyle and hopefully give you ideas and motivation for living your life to your fullest!

1. Hyrdroflask waterbottle

I purchased this quite recently, and I haven’t gone one day without it! It is sooo worth the investment as it’s durable, long lasting, and I can literally take it everywhere. The 32oz one is perfect for keeping hydrated throughout the day, and the color above is such a pretty pastel shade. I’ve also began my sticker collecting on it too!

2. Blue light blocking glasses

My eyes had been feeling strained and tired recently whenever I was on the computer, watching a movie, or on my phone, and so I purchased this super cute pair of blue light blocking glasses to help my eyes, and it has made a really positive improvement! My eyes feel so much less strained when on the computer, phone, etc., and they’re also a great trendy addition to my outfit whenever I want to have an extra accessory.

3. Stainless steel straws

I use my stainless steel straws everyday in my water, smoothies, juices, and more. I love how they’re natural, sustainable, and reusable! Super easy to clean or just pop in your dishwasher – I definitely recommend grabbing a set! (linked above)

4. Ajna Eco Jute Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is not only beautiful, but super high quality and eco friendly! I love using this for stretching, pilates, and cardio/HIIT workouts. It has a really good grip and I love how I can use either side. The back of it has a really cute “IHALE. EXHALE.” saying on it as well! I definitely recommend this mat!

5. Hand lettered planner by Sweet Water Decor

I have been using this planner for over a year now, and I really enjoy it so much! I love the simplicity, functionality, and prettiness of it! I have the one in grey and rose gold (shown above). There is monthly, weekly, and daily layouts in it as well as cute + encouraging quotes before each new month. It is really a perfect planner to stay on track with my goals, daily to do list, and more!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite lifestyle products that I use! Do you have any of the same products? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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23 responses to “My 5 Favorite Lifestyle Products”

  1. I’ve seen those blue light block glasses all over social media recently so great to here your take on them! Thanks for this!
    Meg xx

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  2. I just ordered my first pair of blue light glasses last week. I work in video production, so lots of editing and staring at screens – and so far I love them! They’ve kept my eyes from straining, and I feel more sophisticated when I wear them! I also feel a bit ‘naked’ without my water bottle! (But I use a nalgene rather than a hydroflask!)

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  3. I’ve had a hydroflask and those steel straws on my list for a while.. Let’s see if I get them for the new academic year. PS those glasses are super cute

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  4. I like that planner! Planners truly are helpful. I utilized one for the first time this past school year, and it did keep me orgainized. I am definitely going to use another when school starts back in August! I plan to get some blue light blocking glasses. I attend an online public school, so I am on my laptop just about all day every day. I already need to get glasses for farsight, so once I get my prescription, my parents said I should get the blue light glasses. I’ve spotted some cute ones on Amazon!

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  5. I’ve been wanting to get those glasses for a while now since my school is online. I love my YETI too, pretty much the same as the hydro flask… I actually have the same size as you too!

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    • I would definitely recommend the glasses then! They are perfect for keeping your eyes healthy and protected from blue light. Oh wow, nice! Yetis are awesome as well, I just wanted a hydro flask so that I could take it with me places without worrying about it spilling 😝. I’m so glad that you enjoyed, thanks for commenting!


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