Summer Nail Inspiration

Now that we’re wearing flip flops and showing off our nails, it’s the perfect time to get them done for the summertime! Going to a spa and/or getting a pedicure or manicure is quite a rare occasion for me, but when it happens, I love to look at nail inspiration on Pinterest before going.

Summer is such a fun time for doing our nails and there are endless options for what to do. But whether it’s nail polish, gel, acrylics, or nail art, we all love to do colors/designs that complement the season that we’re in. So to give you some inspiration for the next time that you do your nails or get them done, I put together a collection of some of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy scrolling through these lovely summer nail ideas!

☼ Simple white & yellow flower art

How cute and delicate is this?? Just simple little white and yellow flowers on bare toes in the sand 🌼

☼ Nude pink gel with white stars

I honestly love this design so much! Cute white stars on a matte pink nude. Perfect for any season really, but it reminds me of starry summer nights! ☆

☼ Blue & white ombre

These give me beachy ocean vibes and the white + blue ombre is such a cute idea! 🌊

☼ Simple + delicate white/nude gel

This simple and glossy gel is my top pick all the time! There is such beauty in simplicity, and the light pink/white nude definitely reminds me of that! ❤

☼ Bright mixed summer colors

This is such a fun pop of colors for the summertime! It isn’t exactly rainbow or ombre, just cute and bright mixed & matched colors. 🎨

☼ Pink nude toes

I love the simple and feminine look of this so much! The peachy nude color looks beautiful on tan skin and goes well with everything!

☼ Pink, red, & white ombre

These feminine and bright nails are super cute for the summer! It is a super fun nail color combo that would look lovely on all skin types.

☼ Nude color palette

I am honestly in love with nude colors, and so this nude color palette makes my heart happy! It’s also a great guide for what color to pick as well.

I hope that you enjoyed this beautiful summer nail inspiration! Do you love getting your nails done? Which of these nail pics is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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19 responses to “Summer Nail Inspiration”

  1. Ooh how pretty! I love getting my nails done but I hate how fast they come off. It’s always worth it for those perfect few days though 😉 I’m going to do my nails soon, I think I’ll try out the blue ombré! Thanks for this!

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  2. I adore this post Hope! I went through a phase of getting my nails done almost every couple of weeks- I’d do french tips but this was costing quite a bit and took out big chunks of my time.

    Now I just stick to painting my nails at home. I love neutral colours and dusty pink, which I currently have on with a coat of clear polish x

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  3. Such cute ideas, I’m thinking of trying one of these as my nails don’t currently have any polish on them 👍 I love putting nail polish on but, I hate the chipping phase and when you have to rush to go get some nail polish remover 😂

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