Weekly inspo + Recent favorite songs

Hey friends! It’s been awhile but I’m here with our favorite weekly inspiration post! I have been just so in awe of the goodness, steadfastness, and kindness of God. He heals the brokenhearted, brings justice to the righteous, watches after His people, and wants us to have abundance and freedom through Jesus! (Psalm 147:3, Isaiah 30:18-19, John 10:10).

Lately I’ve been intentionally surrounding myself with truth and beautiful words that empower and encourage me, such as on my screen saver, stickers on my water bottle and computer, etc. This is SO important because we are being flooded with lies and doubts every day, and standing firm in God’s truth will bring so much joy and peace to your heart.

So, here are some wonderful quotes, bible verses, and screen savers that I found on Pinterest, and I hope will encourage you today and stir up the fire in your heart for Jesus.

A few of my recent favorite songs…

I love these three songs so much! They’re so beautiful and lovely to listen to and just so perfect for worship. I definitely recommend listening to them!

I pray that this spoke hope and empowerment into your heart today. Always know that you are loved beyond understanding by the One who created you! Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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