Weekly Inspo

Hi lovely friends! I hope you’re doing well. Today I want to encourage you with some love & truth that will keep you standing steadfast and confident in the Lord during your week.

This weeks inspiration is BOLD and TRUE and oh so beautiful. It’s focus is on God seeking YOU, the beauty of who He created you, and the truth of His love and who He is. Although my own words are short and sweet today, I pray that the these quotes and Bible verses below will make a strong impression on your heart, and help you to grow in the Lord today, and this week!

I hope that these encouraged and empowered you today! Have a wonderful week! Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below.

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24 responses to “Weekly Inspo”

  1. Your page has such good energy Hope! I found you through other blogger friends and am so glad. We are very similar in many ways, even extending to our posting style! I also have a weekly inspiration segment on my blog and focus on lifestyle/wellness/minimalism and creativity content.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we are held and can begin anew at any point through God’s steadfast love x

    Have a wonderful week!


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