Natural Makeup Favorites + My Everyday Makeup Tutorial VIDEO (collab with Olivia @ Keep Calm & Liv)

Hey there friend! I teamed up with the lovely Olivia @ Keep Calm and Liv for my second collaboration to share with you our favorite natural makeup products AND tutorial videos of our everyday makeup using them! It’s been such a fun and insightful experience to work with Olivia and create some new and exciting content for you guys! You’ll get a bit more connected to us and our personalities as well through the video makeup tutorials (at bottom of post). Enjoy!

Go take a look at Olivia’s natural makeup post & video makeup tutorial HERE!

Choosing natural and plant based products are so important for our health and well being, but why?

Almost all of the products (including food) that you see at stores are filled with chemicals, toxins, and synthetic + artificial ingredients. These cause cancer, reproductive harm, unbalanced hormones, chronic allergies and illness, diseases, and so much more. They truly take away from your life instead of add to it.

Did you know that the average woman puts on 300 chemicals a day before breakfast? Jaw drop yet? Girl, that could be you. How to tell? Go look at one of your personal care product labels. How long is that ingredients list? Can you even pronounce them? Catch the secret word for fuel gas (proplylene) yet? It can be overwhelming the amount of crap that is in everything we use. But don’t panic- there are wonderful, life giving alternatives. 👇🏻

God created the most perfect and life giving ingredients in nature and in the best form possible – pure. We don’t need to fill everything with life-sucking chemicals and toxins when there are already natural options from Creation that work even better. Although though there are so many different areas that I could talk about going natural on, I’m going to focus on makeup today. Practically every girl uses makeup so I thought that it would be a fun area to talk about!

I use Savvy Minerals by Young Living for almost all of my makeup. I love their products as they are 100% pure and natural and they work to improve your skin + lashes while wearing it! That’s a for sure win-win. Savvy Minerals has so many gorgeous colors + options and they have an incredible ingredients list that you can see below👇🏻.

Savvy Minerals are…

My favorite Savvy Minerals products

I love that all the Savvy Minerals products (excepting the mascara and foundation) will last between 6 months to a year depending on how frequently you use them. The only products I’ve had to replace in my couple years of using them has been the foundation and mascara!

1. Warm 2 Foundation

This powder foundation is silky smooth + light as well as buildable for the perfect coverage. It goes on like a dream and doesn’t feel cakey at all. I use the shade of Warm no. 2 as my skin 1) tans easily 2) has more yellow undertones 3) gold jewelry looks better on me.

2. Serene Blush

The Serene blush is a beautiful pink with a coral shade. I love all of the blushes though, so it’s kind of hard to go wrong when picking one. I do believe that the blushes may be going out of stock, so look below to see my favorite eyeshadow palette as the pink colors in them look gorgeous to use as blushes!

3. Lengthening Mascara

This is a newly released mascara, and I believe that it may be my favorite of the three! (classic, lengthening, and volumizing) It really does lengthen and give a dramatic (yet natural) look.

4. Lip Luxe

Even though this is more of a lip “treatment” or moisture infusion, I love to use it as a lip gloss because it gives a beautiful shine and brings out the natural pink of my lips.

5. Sahara Sunset Palette

This palette is so versatile and fun. The coral color may seem a bit intimidating, but used in light amounts, it makes a wonderful blush and eye shadow. The brown color in it works wonderfully as a contour/bronzer, and the very light one doubles as a highlighter. It’s four in one!

My everyday makeup tutorial using Savvy Minerals

Get your own Savvy Minerals by going HERE and clicking “place an order”!

Here’s some pictures of me after the video! 👇🏻

I hope that you enjoyed this fun collaboration with Olivia on our favorite natural makeup! Make sure to check out her side of the post as well! Should I do more videos/tutorials in the future? What’s your favorite natural makeup? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments!

Click here to contact me for collaborations. I would love to work with you!

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15 responses to “Natural Makeup Favorites + My Everyday Makeup Tutorial VIDEO (collab with Olivia @ Keep Calm & Liv)”

  1. I love this so much, thank you for sharing! Yes it really is crazy how many terrible things can be in anything from food, to cosmetics that we may not even know of until we look at the ingredients list! I have recently started using all natural make-up (not to mention just recently started wearing make-up in general) and it makes me feel so good about myself knowing that I can look beautiful without wearing or putting chemicals into my body!

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  2. I’ve always loved wearing makeup — it’s a lot of fun, especially doing different eyeshadow looks. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I’ll have to check them out! Great post! ❤️😊

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