3 Simple Plant Care Tips & Resources (for those who don’t have a green thumb)

You’ve picked out your favorite plants, decorated your room with them, placed them “just so”, and have sat back with a satisfied sigh. So now, how to keep them alive and healthy? What about when the plant randomly starts dying no matter what you do and you have absolutely no clue why you never can keep a plant alive. Trust me, I’ve felt so frustrated when I’ve had plants before, and I just can’t seem to keep them from failing me time and time again. I’d water them, put them in sunlight, do all the things, but they just never worked out.

I didn’t think twice that they might need a little bit more specific care then just random watering times and whatever sunlight I’ve got to work with. Bravely attempting to be a “plant mom” once again, I bought a succulent and a good sized Dumbcane plant. After researching and reading plant advice, I realized that people don’t call themselves plant parents for nothing – plants are like children that need specific care and tending to depending on their type.

It really isn’t difficult at all to have a house full of plants – you just need to know their specific needs, and you’ll easily get a hand of it and become a plant expert in no time. The trick? Well, keep reading…

1. Don’t over water

This is the most common mistake of all time! Over watering your plants causes root rot – where the roots will begin rotting and the plant will wither and die. Make sure to either look up your plant, use a plant app (talked about further on in this post), or read any care guides that may have come with it for the watering instructions. The first inch or two of soil for most plants (but definitely not all) should be either dry or slightly damp before watering again. You can normally tell when your green friend is getting thirsty as well, as the tips of the leaves will get dry and crispy, and they can be droopy and faded in color. Again, it’s important to research your plant and its needs, as this will be a huge help in keeping it healthy and happy!

2. Give it the proper amount of sunlight

Too much light will sunburn your plant into a crispy chip, and too little will make it cold and sad. Finding the right balance is super important in keeping your greenery healthy and growing. Most plants need indirect sunlight, where some (like cacti and succulents) really like to sunbathe. Make sure, again, to look up your specific plant to see what it thrives in best.

3. Keep its pot roomy and rich

If your plant is growing a lot, or is just a large plant in general, its roots might be getting crowded and tangled, which means that it’s time to move it to a bigger pot. If the roots are too crowded, the plant won’t be able to receive nutrients and will starve. It may also need fertilizer or a natural soil enhancer as the soil may not be as nutrient rich as the plant needs. Details for when and how to change pots and soil can be found in the resources below!

Plant Care Resources

I hope that you enjoyed these plant care tips and resources! Who else is now tired with the word “plant”? *raises hand* πŸ˜‚. Have you ever owned a plant before? Do you feel like these tips helped? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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16 responses to “3 Simple Plant Care Tips & Resources (for those who don’t have a green thumb)”

  1. I feel like this post was written for me. really tho. I love plants but I DO NOT have a green thumb and it’s sad when they all die 😦 I recently got a snake plant and we’re gonna see how that goes, I’ve heard they’re more hardy and hard to kill πŸ™‚ ❀️

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  2. You posted this just in time. XD I started to panic because I wasn’t sure if I was taking care of my plant correctly, lol. THANK YOU for these, Hope!! πŸ˜‰ ❀

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