My 5 favorite natural beauty products

From hairspray to shave cream, and shampoo to nail polish, us girls use quite a bit of product in the bathroom, am I right? There seems to be an endless list of products that we use to clean, maintain, and pamper ourselves. For me, I enjoy finding new things to try out, especially when they have something to do with the words “beauty” and “natural”.

Lately, I’ve been in the bathroom getting ready for the day, and I can’t help but wanting to share my favorite natural beauty products with all my lovely lady followers. It can be hard to find good quality and natural products, so here is a list of the best ones in my opinion!

1. Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay mask

This is a super amazing & high quality mask made with natural and skin loving ingredients. This mask is targeted towards acne/problem skin as it draws out impurities, detoxifies skin, and unclogs pores. I really like this mask for not only its wonderful skin properties, but also 1) the packaging, 2) the smell 3) how easy it is to apply and take off! Their Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliator is also amazing.

2. RMS Beauty “Un” Cover up concealer

This is the BEST concealer, ladies! The ingredients are extremely pure and skin loving, and it goes on like a dream. Some days I’ll only wear this without foundation and still feel like I have good coverage. I 100% recommend!

3. Vitapro Fusion Protective Moisture leave-in hair treatment

This is my favorite hair care product! This leave-in hair treatment is a natural infusion of vitamins and hair repairing antioxidants. It locks in moisture – not oiliness, and smells so good.

4. Ayur Medic skincare products for blemish skin

My esthetician grandma sent the Anti Bacterial wash, Resurfacing toner, and Calming cream from Ayur Medic to me, and wow has it improved my skin! The products are more natural and work super well. My acne and scars have really calmed down and faded and my skin just feels nice overall. This is a wonderful option for those who struggle with acne and blemishes!

5. Static Nails nail laquer

Perfect Nudes palette

Static Nails has the most high quality, gorgeous, and nail loving glass laquer ever! This is literally the best nail polish I’ve ever used. They are 8 free, non toxic, vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free. I highly recommend checking them out!

I hope that you enjoyed my 5 favorite natural beauty products! Do you use any of these products? Which of them sounds most interesting to you? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!

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17 responses to “My 5 favorite natural beauty products”

  1. This was so cool! Thanks for sharing, Hope! I’m really interested in that natural nail laquer…does it last quite awhile? Even doing dishes and stuff? (I tend to be quite hard on any nail polish! Living on a farm does that, lol.)

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  2. Love this!! I definitely want to try the nail laquer. My mom’s been wanting to replace all our toxic nail polishes with healthier ones but they’re pretty hard to find. Thanks for sharing, Hope! ❤

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