Weekly inspo

Hey there friend! Today I want to focus on the hope, joy, and purpose we have in Jesus. The excitement and hope of how He is always doing something new, something that will grow us. The joy and abundance that we have in our lives no matter the circumstance because we are His. The fire we get in our souls when we remember how good He is and how we have such purpose in Him.

I want to empower, encourage, and help strengthen your faith with these words today. Jesus wants to take you on an adventure and journey of growth. He is holding out His hand, promising you every good thing, and whispering to you to trust Him. Will you go out of your comfort zone to believe the beautiful truth that He’s spoken over you? To stand in confidence in who He’s created you to be? To trust His ways over your own? To believe you have crazy amazing purpose? Drown out the lies and doubt that fills your precious heart, and grasp His hand. You won’t regret it.

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