Unique + productive things to do when you’re out of inspiration

I think that we all are struggling just a bit with keeping ourselves productive, and honestly, just not bored during this time. It is so easy to stay in our pjs all day and let our environment be a mess around us, but honestly just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that our lives stop. There is a huge opportunity to grow during this time and discover new and creative things that we enjoy.

If you’re just plain out of inspiration or are really not motivated to do much, here are some unique, productive, and simple ideas that will inspire your creative spark and grow you in all different areas!

Personal Growth

Self Care

In the Kitchen

I hope that you enjoyed these unique + productive ideas for personal growth while in quarantine! Did these inspire you? Be sure to let me know if they did as well as what you’ve been doing to stay growing during this time!

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14 responses to “Unique + productive things to do when you’re out of inspiration”

  1. You are so inspiring and a wonderful encourager. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas, and your example of a healthy lifestyle.

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