Billie Razor review

If you haven’t heard of Billie yet, it’s ’bout time you have. With award winning reviews and all natural products, this razor company is a gem. They’re passionate about products that really work, clean ingredients, and body positivity. And this company has all three of those; and more.

I found Billie through a Pinterest add, and I couldn’t resist my curiosity. After browsing their site and becoming more and more interested in their “award winning” razor, I asked for one for Christmas. Why ask for a razor of all things for a Christmas present? Well, just keep reading. I (obviously) got the razor that day, and I was SO excited because 1) the packaging was absolutely, colorfully beautiful and 2) I had never had a good razor before, and after reading so many amazing reviews, I was pumped to try it out.

Let’s just say that I’m never using another razor again. Am I being a bit dramatic? Nope. Not one bit.

This razor has it ALL…

  • 5 of the sharpest blades ever (but completely safe to use). Nickel and rust free.
  • Encased with 360° of natural charcoal shave soap (genius).
  • Magic Magnetic holder. Sticks to your shower wall, and keeps your razor safe and accessible.
  • No slip rubber handle- because aren’t you done with nicks and slips?
  • No razor burn.

It feels like a cloud and glides like one too. I’ve never gotten razor burn after using it, even when shaving the bikini line. I used to shave and then the next day see all those little stubbles everywhere (so annoying), but not with this baby. I’ll be smooth for several days afterward. No joke. Oh, and you know what makes it even more amazing? Using my coffee sugar scrub after shaving. Literally I have no words for the amount of smoothness, exfoliation, and moisture that these two combined will give you.

So not only does this work amazingly, use natural ingredients (in the soap), and the blade lasts for quite a while before having to replace it, but it also comes with quite a few perks. You can’t just buy the razor by itself, because you’d be missing out on so much. The way you purchase it is through the Razor Starter Kit which includes the razor as well as some extra (but necessary) things that make it a 50% better experience.

It includes…

  • Your choice of color of razor. ( I have blush)
  • The magic magnetic holder.
  • Two charcoal soap encased blades with protective covers.
  • Product samples, instructions, and info.
  • And depending on how often you shave, an ongoing shipment of 4 refill blades. (Mine is every three months).

You’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. You probably are betting that it’s like 50 bucks for the razor and then 50 more for shipping and handling, and tax and all of that. BUT NOPE, ITS ONLY $9 FOR THE STARTER KIT + FREE SHIPPING. I’m not trying to sell you on this girl, I truly just love it so much that I had to share with my fellow shaving friends.

this is not the razor starter kit. The starter kit comes in a beautiful box with lots more products and info.

So, to round up my review, I give my Billie razor a 100% YES. It’s one of my favorite personal care products and I even include it in my self care routine. If you are done with razor burn, overpriced razors, nicks and slips, blunt blades, and annoying stubble, this is for you! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

What are your thoughts on shaving and razors? Are you interested in Billie razors now? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments!

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5 responses to “Billie Razor review”

  1. AH THE PACKAGING AESTHETIC 😍 I’ve also seen these razors on Pinterest but never really looked into them, I will have to try them sometime! Maybe ask for one for Christmas but thats a while to wait 😉 Loved this post and girlllll your pics are so gorgeous and professional looking!

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