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Hey friend! Just wanted to pop into your feed this morning and let you know that I made a couple of changes to my blog. Though it’s nothing huge, I figured that it would be helpful for you to know, and maybe fun to check out.

The couple changes I made…

  • New homepage – When you go to my site, you will automatically be on the HOME page which basically introduces what my blog is, who I am, and a couple other things for newbies (as well as followers). I still have a blog, don’t worry, just click on the BLOG link at the top menu and you can see all of my latest posts as well as all of your favorites!
  • Some pretty pictures – Because it’s the base of a good site, I’ve put up some pretty pictures and links. (See how I do my photography here)
  • Work with me & hand lettering info – I am open to collaborations and more, so to clarify to followers and let visitors know, I made it clear at the bottom of the HOME page.
  • Font + icon sidebar menu – Though I did not hand lettering these myself, they are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I used Canva to create them, and they are basically another menu/category bar with some of the main things that I blog about.

That’s basically it! Just a few nice updates and clarifications. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think! (You’ll need to go to my site if you are on the WordPress Reader). Have a wonderful day!

Do you have any suggestions/questions for my blog? Be sure to let me know HERE!

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13 responses to “Blog update”

    • Thank you Zainab! I started not too long ago to be honest. I think that the trick is in having a nice camera, natural lighting, and just doing it a lot to get the hang of it. You can see my photography tutorial here: ttps:// Thanks for commenting! 😊


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