Simple & natural remedies for “that time of month”

Us ladies all have it (or will eventually). That time of the month that unfailingly visits us- whether we welcome it or not. And to be honest, we should welcome it. It isn’t a bad thing. But, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient sometimes.

So, to help all of you girls and women out there, I’m going to give you some helpful and natural tips and remedies that will ease your pain (and dread) of that time of month.

Natural remedies + tips

  • Healthy eating + h2o. Can I say it enough? Eating life-giving foods and keeping hydrated will help cravings stay at bay, and your body to function and feel good overall. If you want to indulge a little, check out these yummy and healthy treats below!

🌻 Cookie dough balls

🌻 Zucchini chocolate chip banana bread cookies

🌻 Energy oat balls

🌻 Blender banana bread

  • Add a couple hormone balancing superfoods to your diet. Maca root powder and rasberry leaf tea are two amazing foods that balance hormones, relieve PMS, and also taste super good. I love adding maca powder to my smoothies and to my cookie dough balls. And you can sip on the tea while doing your self care routine.
  • Do some stretching pilates. It’s so relaxing and I always feel way better after doing it. To join an awesome sisterhood of easy pilates, recipes, and empowerment, click here!
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath. I love taking detox baths, but if that’s a no-can-do for you, then just take a nice shower with a sugar scrub and face mask. For some more lovely & natural beauty recipes, click here!
  • Don’t exert yourself too much. Be kind and gentle to your body during this time, and give yourself some grace. I will skip my intense workouts and swap them for some relaxing pilates, or just modify them.
  • Heat pack. This is a super simple way to relieve back and abdomen pain. Just relax and read a book while adding some cozy warmth to uncomfortable areas.
  • Have a positive attitude. I know that for me, I can get pretty moody during this time, so taking an “attitude reset” by analyzing my thoughts and then replacing them with positive ones is super helpful!
  • Do something fun! Just because you aren’t feelin it 100%, doesn’t mean that you have to crawl in a corner and cry. Do something that you enjoy. Go on a walk, continue a hobby, etc. Just because it’s “that time of month” doesn’t mean that your life stops!

I hope that these natural remedies and tips were helpful for you! What kind of things do you do to feel good during your “time of month”?

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6 responses to “Simple & natural remedies for “that time of month””

  1. Oh Hope! Thank you for this post! My time of the month is always crazy and unwanted thanks to mood swings but I’m bookmarking this post for next time and can’t wait to try these tips out. I’m a huge fan of natural remedies. (Heat packs for the win! I use a heating pad and it really helps) I love what you share and your blog posts are such a refreshing thing to receive in my inbox. And thank you sharing about such a girly thing — it will really help a lot of girls deal with that time!

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  2. ahh thanks so much for this hope! My time of the month is awful because I get terrible headaches, cramps, and mood swings!! thanks for sharing and I really love the natural ideas. saving this for later because I know I will use it 💛

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  3. Great job on this! I really enjoyed reading it! Just to let you know, I’ll be nominating you tomorrow for an award on my blog. ( Feel free to participate!

    Liked by 1 person

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