Weekly inspo fully handlettered by me!

Your weekly dose of encouragement and empowerment is here-and it’s fully handlettered by me! Some are quotes, lyrics, and bible verses, but all point to the unfailing goodness and love that Jesus has for us.

This weeks “theme” is hope. Pressing into Him and hearing His voice, all with hope. Believing and resting in His promises, with hope. We are called to hope and He is our living hope!

I hope (haha) that you loved these and that they spoke HOPE and peace into your heart today! Which one is your favorite?

I pin all my handlettering to Pinterest so be sure to follow me for more! (and get excited for my handlettering tutorial coming up!)

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16 responses to “Weekly inspo fully handlettered by me!”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVED EVERYTHING!!! ❀️ you are soooo good! My favorite ones would be the first one and the choose joy one. Very lovely. 😊 And may I ask what app/s did you use for these? I’m actually trying to do these at Procreate so I’m so hyped about your tutorial! I can’t wait to see it! ❀️ Please stay safe! x

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  2. All of them are my favourite, i love making these my wallpaper so i can see them and be reminded of God’s goodness and love towards me
    thank you sharing thisβ™‘οΈŽ

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