4 easy, natural beauty recipes for an at home spa night

Sometimes us ladies need a little pampering… or a lot. It’s important that we take time to give ourselves a little TLC and just relax. When starting my self care routine, I tidy up my room, get the things done on my to do list so that I feel accomplished and worry-free, and then start making a couple beauty recipes so that I can glow up while relaxing.

For me this is always at night, normally once or twice a week. After doing the things that I listed above, I’ll start a shower, make my face mask, prep my things, and then start my mini spa night. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day!

🎶 Here is my favorite playlist to listen to while relaxing! 🎶

If you don’t have all the ingredients needed for the beauty DIYs below, then adjust as needed. Don’t worry if you need to leave the coffee out of the sugar scrub, or you don’t have all the ingredients for the face mask, just use a couple of the ingredients instead and don’t stress. 😉

Just Breathe. Relax, unwind, renew, restore, TLC, self care, spa night.
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And while you’re pampering yourself, why not indulge on a little healthy treat? My favorite go-tos are cookie dough balls, energy oat balls, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE banana bread in a blender!

So whip up the quick beauty recipes below (make sure to check these out too), make yourself a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or detox spa water, put your hair up in a messy bun, and get ready to feel gooood. 💅🛁

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: All of my recipes, DIYs, and etc. that use or mention essential oils are referring to Young Living Essential Oils. This is super duper important because not all essential oil brands are the same and have the same abilities for use. Using 100% pure, therapeutic grade, and consumption safe EOs is a MUST for safety and quality. To learn more about Young Living Essential Oils click here.


Detox Bath ( with ACV & coconut oil)

Maybe you’ve heard about this detox bath thing on the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, or elsewhere, but what’s all the fuss about it? Well first of all, let me say that hot, steamy baths are pretty nice and relaxing especially when its winter time. Nothing is better than putting on a face mask, getting a good…

Coffee Sugar scrub

The best beauty DIYs are made out of your favorite ingredients, especially this one! Coffee is not only our morning best friend, but, when added to a sugar scrub, it also helps with detoxification, cellulite, stretch marks, and skin tightening. How amazing is that? A sugar scrub is honestly one of my favorite beauty recipes…

Honey clay face scrub ðŸ¯ðŸ‹

Face masks are amazing. Period. And I love making new ones all the time… but we can’t forget about exfoliating! Imagine slathering your face with an amazing, nourishing, superfood face mask, and it not even doing much for your skin because of all the dead skin cell build up blocking it from actually getting into…

I hope that you enjoyed these four natural beauty recipes, and put it on your priorities to take some time for your self to do one (or all of these)! Let me know in the comments if you do spa nights for yourself and if you will start using some of these beauty DIYs in it!

Make sure to download this free self care check in below!

More self care and healthy tips to love!

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