100 followers + what would you like to see on my blog?

We’ve hit 100 followers on Hope Leilani now! Actually, 103. I want to say that I’m so grateful to everyone for supporting this blog and for your kind comments!

Thank you to those who have followed my blog and encouraged me since I first started blogging at 13 ( I think) in 2017 and who have hung in while I’ve learned how to write better, blog more professionally, and bring better content and pictures.

Recently, I updated how my entire blog looks and functions, so I hope that everyone has been enjoying it’s new makeover! If you have any suggestions for it that would make browsing + navigating my blog easier for you, be sure to let me know!

As I continue to update, learn, and blog, I would LOVE for you to share what content would be valuable and appreciated by you. I blog for several different reasons , but mainly for girls and ladies who enjoy inspiration, recipes, natural beauty tips, and more to empower + encourage them and to bring help and value to their lives. SO, if you have some blog post ideas that you’ve been wanting to see more of on my blog (or others), then I would love to hear your voice in that area and possibly do it!

What would you like to see on my blog?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and hopefully you filled out the form above!

As a gift to those who follow my blog, here are some graphics I made and some quotes hand lettered by me for you!

I hope that you enjoy! Make sure to let me know above about any ideas or suggestions you may have for blog posts!

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8 responses to “100 followers + what would you like to see on my blog?”

  1. Love the inspirational quotes to post on FB

    Love the DIY recipes with YL EOs

    Love the stuff for healthier living (minus the yoga haha!)

    More recipes for healthy food

    Great work and great blogging!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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