Today is going to be beautiful

It’s a new week yet again! I always love the beginnings of new things, because they hold so much opportunity and promise in them. We just have to make the choice to live that out!

Starting off your day, week, and basically anything with a positive mindset and motivating truth is so important for the success and enjoyment of it.

So let’s choose to believe in God’s goodness today. Let’s choose to see the good in others. Choose to encourage and love yourself. Choose to be full of joy. Choose to live!

And choose to read some truth and inspiration and meditate on it for a little while before you start your day!

I hope that these empowered and encouraged you to choose to be full of joy and God’s love today! If you love these little bursts of sunshine in your inbox, please let me know in the comments, and make sure to follow me on Pinterest for things like this every day!

More inspo to motivate yourself today:

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