My workout routine

Working out may be on your New Year’s resolution, but is it on your schedule? Is it in your list of goals that you’re focusing on achieving? I think almost everyone has “exercising” or “going to the gym” on their wish list of things that are pushed back because, you know, life happens. Quick detour; your life isn’t meant for you to work, eat, sleep, and then do it all over again. Your life was given to you for you to LIVE. To be alive and full of purpose. You have dreams, and goals, and aspirations, and those are not meant to be shoved aside. Sometimes we can forget how temporary life is. We get into a rhythm of our everyday routine and just stay stagnant in it. Do you really want your life to be work, eat, and sleep? Let’s pursue our dreams and passions and goals and actually live!

Okay, back on track. Why do we put working out on our New Year’s resolutions list? A lot of it is probably because it’s advertised so much over social media and honestly everywhere that it makes you look a certain way or loose weight, or be more attractive and popular. Everyone else is doing it and it looks good so you need to do it too, right? I’m gonna break it to you- that’s not the mentality that’s gonna help you to enjoy life. Working out actually has way more benefits than just maybe giving you a “perfect body”. Because, honestly, we don’t need to be perfect, we just need to do our best and take care of ourselves.

When starting a workout routine, start out small. Don’t try to do a ton of crazy stuff all at once. Ease into it with short beginner exercises, then slowly build up. I know that I like to rush things because I want results right away, but taking it slowly and carefully while working out is critical to actually being successful and safe with it.

So, why should we exercise anyways?

  • Makes you stronger! Whether it be strength training, weight lifting, cardio, or yoga, all types of exercise has unique benefits for your body and health.
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boosts positive endorphins + energy
  • Builds muscle and endurance
  • Keeps your body youthful and active
  • Helps strengthen the immune system

Such good stuff right? There is tons of research on exercising and the benefits of it for our health. I encourage you to look it up and be educated a little bit more in it! We were created to be active, so exercising naturally helps to maintain our overall health. Motivated yet?

Since working out regularly, I’ve felt noticeably stronger and been able to lift and carry heavier things. And since doing cardio, I’ve been able to run, dance, and do the cardio workout itself without feeling like I’m dying. I feel stronger and more flexible since working out regularly, but mostly empowered. Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things and need to be taken care of.

The good part of starting a workout routine is that you don’t have to go to the gym and do crazy 2 hour workouts to feel this way! I do my workouts at home as part of my morning routine. I usually do it right after my bible study and then I grab a small energy boosting bite of something before going to our basement where we have a mat and workout setup. My usual workout duration is about 30 minutes depending on what I choose to do that day. below is what my weekly workout schedule looks like and some links to the workouts I do!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 30- 45 minute strength training ( i.e., weight lifting, planks, pushups, etc.).

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday- 15- 30 minute cardio ( i.e., jumping jacks, mountain climbers, planks).

Sundaystretching and pilates.

For some of the strength and cardio, take a look at my Pinterest board of quick workouts ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

At night before bed I like to do a 15 minute or less stretching/pilates exercise to help stretch and relax and boost my sleeping quality and metabolism before bed. I use Robin Long Pilates for all of my stretching and some of my cardio and full length exercises as well. I really love all of her exercises and how they are so doable yet effective. She has so many different programs and challenges that you can join for free. If you join the “Sisterhood” as she calls it, you get full access to hundreds of exercises, recipes, health tips, and more! I love her motto also which is “Grace over Guilt”. She is all about caring for and nourishing your body and mind instead of just trying to get abs.

Remember, ease into it, give yourself grace, and do it to feel good and care for yourself! I hope that this encouraged you to start being more active with not only exercising, but also in achieving your goals!

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