How to create a great morning routine ☀️🧘🏼‍♀️📖

Morning routines are truly life changing. You can get so much done before the day “starts”, give yourself some TLC, get a workout in, and more! My morning routine has been a little bit shaken up since my family and I have been sick lately, but it’s probably my favorite part of my day. If you want to get into a morning routine but don’t exactly know where to start, then just continue reading, because I have a few tips as well as a sneak peek into my morning routine.

☀️ Wake up earlier. No, you don’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning to have a morning routine. It really all depends on when you need to be out the door, how long it takes you to get ready, and what you want to accomplish in your morning routine before you need to “start your day”. I aim to be downstairs, making breakfast, and ready to start school at 8:30am, so I normally wake up at 6am. Decide on those aspects that I mentioned above, then set a good wake up time for you. Then, slowly ease into waking up earlier. Being in a habit of waking up at noon everyday then trying to wake up at 5am will not work out for you. Be realistic and don’t get angry if you sleep past your alarm or can’t get everything done that you wanted to by waking up at that certain time. Example of slowly easing into waking up earlier: I want to wake up at 6am, but I normally wake up at 9am every day. Monday I wake up at 8:30 or 8:45, Tuesday 8:15-8:30, Wednesday 8:00-8:15, and so on. Give yourself grace and set your goals before you try to achieve them.

☀️ Read your Bible, pray, or take some time to be mindful. First thing I do in the morning is wake up, maybe turn on my diffuser, go to the bathroom, and then sit on my bed and do my bible study. Starting the day with the right mindset is super crucial to how the rest of the day is going to go. Also, giving my time to my Creator before anything else glorifies Him and grows my relationship with Him.

☀️Give yourself a little TLC. I like to turn on some dim lights ( as it’s usually still dark), make sure my room is tidy, and then stretch a little bit, and use a jade roller on my face to help with circulation and lymphatic drainage. My friend, Abby, has a great video on what the benefits of using a jade roller are, and how to use it.

☀️ Set your goals and write down your to do list. Organizing your thoughts and putting them on paper helps you to remember them and not get mixed up and stressed with the craziness of life. I have a simple planner that I like to write down my goals for the day and also some things I need to get done and it really helps me to stay on track during the day.

☀️Move your body! Research shows that exercise can increase good endorphins, boost energy, and positively effect + maintain overall health. Whether you weight lift, run, go to the gym, do yoga or pilates, make sure you take time in your morning ( or day) to take care of yourself and make time for a workout. I do a mix of strength training, pilates, and cardio throughout the week and make sure to take a couple rest days.

☀️ Get ready for the day. Now, after taking some time to be mindful, setting your goals, and moving your body, it’s time to get ready for the day! My GRWM ( get ready with me) routine is usually simple: wash my face, brush teeth, shower if needed, do hair, put on makeup, and get dressed. If you would like a detailed post on my GRWM routine, tell me in the comments!

☀️ Continue on with the rest of your day feeling accomplished, prepared, and with your goals in mind! Having a morning routine is super important and beneficial to your mental and physical health. It helps us to take time to be mindful, take care of ourselves, set our goals, and be ready to take on the day. Having a good, nutritious breakfast ( these smoothie bowls, muffins, and breakfast cookies are good choices) will also boost your health and help sustain you throughout the rest of your day.

I hope you enjoyed this content and benefited from it! Please start a morning routine that is right for you and see how much it can impact your life for the better! If you would like me to share my GRWM routine and night time routine, please tell me in the comments below and give this post a thumbs up!

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