Our huge apple harvest!!

A couple weeks ago, we picked as many apples as we could reach with our ladder off of our apple trees. And let me tell ya, we got roughly 200 apples. And there was a lot more on the trees that we couldn’t even reach with the ladder!

I never knew how dangerous it was to pick apples… until you’re balancing ut on a ladder, and you look up and pick an apple, and then all the other apples next to it falls on you. We screamed like every time it happened😂.

My little brother Charlie would pick out the best looking apples and watch us while he ate them😂.

As we were standing on the ladders and collecting the rosy apples in the crisp air, we talked about all the things that we would make with this abundant harvest: Apple pie ( of course ), apple crisp, apple butter, apple sauce, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, apple turkey sausage, apple chips… and the list goes on! We’ve made almost all of the above so far plus baked apple cinnamon oatmeal. After making all these things, we still had half of a box left, so we brought it to a family fall day our church put on and they made fresh apple cider from everyones own apples! Below are more pictures of our apple picking, plus some of what we made. If you have any recipes that uses lots of apples, please comment and tell me! We still have a big bowl of them on our counter and it would be much appreciated!

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