Honey clay face scrub 🍯🍋

Face masks are amazing. Period. And I love making new ones all the time… but we can’t forget about exfoliating! Imagine slathering your face with an amazing, nourishing, superfood face mask, and it not even doing much for your skin because of all the dead skin cell build up blocking it from actually getting into your skin. How sad.

It’s always good to exfoliate before applying a face mask so that all those dead skin cells get scrubbed away and the good stuff can really do its magic for your skin. But, exfoliating isn’t only for pre-face mask prep. You should do it around 2-3 times a week. Doing it too much can harm your skin, but using a gentle exfoliator like sugar a couple times a week, will really help your skin to rejuvenate and get its glow on.

This honey clay face scrub has several awesome ingredients that you should totally check out before diving into the recipe:

🍯 Raw honey– healing, gently exfoliating, anti-bacterial, and glow enhancing.

🍯 Bentonite clay– draws out gunk from pores, soothes acne and fades blemishes, and tones and tightens skin.

🍯 Sugar- doesn’t do much good when you eat it, but like I said earlier, it’s a great exfoliator.

🍯 **Young Living Lemon essential oil– helps reduce acne and oiliness, lightens blemishes, and is glow enhancing.

Now let’s make this!

Ingredients needed:

  1. 2 tbs raw organic honey
  2. 1 tbs bentonite clay
  3. 2 tbs sugar
  4. 2 drops **YL lemon essential oil


🍯 Mix all ingredients together until it makes a thick paste. Add a little more honey if it’s too thick. Store in a small glass jar.

🍯 After washing your face, pat it with water and take a little amount of the scrub on your finger and gently rub in circular motions over your whole face. My preferred way to use it is in the shower so that my face is already clean and wet and there is no mess.

🍯 Rinse your face afterward and finish your regular beauty routine!

** If you want to learn more about Young Living essential oils, why they are the top essential oils out there, and why I love them so much, click here!

I hope that you enjoyed this honey and clay face scrub recipe! I would love to know if you try it out! How many times do you exfoliate? What do you use?

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