Fall DIY no. 3. Thankful Tree

A couple years ago, we started a tradition, where every Thanksgiving, we go out on a walk, find a nice branch and put it in a small pot with rocks on the bottom. We either cut out small leaves from paper,  or  buy fake fabric leaves. We write what we are thankful for on them, and hang them on the tree with string. Then we put it somewhere where everyone can see it and remember how thankful they are. This is a great family project, and going on a walk during the Fall time, is always nice because of the cool weather!

What you’ll need:
1. A small to medium sized branch with smaller branches coming off of it.

2.  A small pot { you can get these at Hobby Lobby}

3. Small rocks { click HERE to easily see what kind of rocks are great for this project}

4.  Small fabric leaves, or wooden leaves

5. Markers or sharpies { click HERE to easily view Shaprie markers}


Have someone hold the branch in place in the pot while another person pours rocks into the pot until it’s full. You can even paint the pot if you want! Hole punch little holes into the ends of the leaves. Pull string or thread through the hole and tie and knot. Write what you are thankful for on the leaf and hang it on the tree.

Please comment and share how you made this thankful tree and how you like it!


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