Fall DIY no. 2. Hand lettered pumpkins

I was painting pumpkins last year, and I just got kind of bored of painting them.  Then, an idea popped into my head, and I ran and got my calligraphy pens. I started writing on the pumpkins, and absolutely loved how it looked! I learned that it is very hard to write on painted pumpkins though! You don’t have to do calligraphy of course, because it takes a while to learn, but fun hand lettering  that you know how to do, or stencils work just as well! I hope you enjoy this and try it at home!

What you’ll need:

  1. Pumpkins { I learned that pumpkins that are naturally white, are easier to write on because there are smoother and not as bumpy, but orange pumpkins work too!}
  2. Stencils, calligraphy pens, or hand lettering skills! ( make sure that the pen or marker is permanent)


Before you start using your artist skills on the pumpkin, take a wet paper towel or regular cloth towel and wipe off any dirt on the pumpkin space where you will be writing.

While writing, take your time and be patient! When you rush with it, it doesn’t look very pretty!  I wrote things like ,”welcome” on one pumpkin, and then “fall” on another and put them side by side so it said “Welcome Fall” when together! You can also write other Fall inspired quotes, or words you’ve thought of or looked up!

When you are finished put it up somewhere to dry if the ink from your pen or marker is still wet. When it is dried, you can decorate your house with beautiful, hand- lettered pumpkins!

Please comment and share how you made your pumpkins!


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