Fall DIY no.1.  Festive Burlap Leaf Banner

I am re-posting these fall DIYs again because I feel like they are the perfect decors for this year too!!

It is getting close to Thanksgiving again, and I thought this fall decoration would make your home feel more festive, and warm for fall! My mom and I were searching for good fall decor to make, so we went to hobby lobby, got inspiration and supplies, and made a super cute and easy fall banner at home!

What you’ll need:

  1. 1/2 yard of burlap

2. Fake leaves { we got these at hobby lobby too!}

3. Twine

4. Hot glue gun { you get a good one HERE!}

5. A placemat you don’t care about or a paper bag for catching runaway glue!


Measure the length of your fireplace mantel with your twine, letting it droop down a little. Cut your twine where you measured it. Depending on the length of your mantel you will need more or less burlap triangles and leaves.  Our mantel is 5 feet long, so all we had to use for ours was 4 burlap triangles and 5 leaves.

Fold your burlap in half, and then in half again. Using a ruler and a marker, measure and draw a large triangle on the folded burlap. Our triangles measured about 9 inches down and 7 1/2 inches across. Cut the triangle out. This will make 4 triangles. Repeat the step if you need more for a larger mantel.

Lay your measured twine down on a protected table, and heat up your glue gun. Take your burlap triangles, and lay them underneath the twine. Leave a gap about 2 -3 inches between each triangle. Take the flap of the burlap, and fold it over the twine. Glue it down. Repeat with the rest. Take your leaves, and hot glue them on the gaps that you made between the burlap. Let it dry before you hang it up.

You can tape the excess twine to your mantel to hang it up, or use a heavy weight, { such as a pumpkin or mantel decoration} and put it on top of the twine so it doesn’t fall!

Please comment and share how you made this!


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