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We are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make makeup easier to use and better, right!? In this post I’ll give you a few tips on using your Savvy Minerals by Young Living!

  1.  Want matte lips? Apply your lipstick like usual, then take a small brush ( such as a clean concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, or lip brush) and dip it into a light-colored foundation. Dab it on your lips until you have the desired matte finish! 👄💄
  2. Had a late night or wanting some pop to your eyes? Take a eyeliner brush or eyeshadow brush and pick up a small amount of Diamond Dust or Wanderlust eyeshadow and apply to the inner corner of your eye in a V motion. Touch up any loose powder that may have fallen and voila!
  3. Wanting a glowy complexion? Highlight using Diamond dust!
  • Make a C around your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Go down the bridge of your nose and middle of forehead. ( your T zone)
  • Make a circle on your chin
  • Lightly outline your lips after putting on lipstick or  lip gloss 💄

4. Not sure what Lipstick or lip gloss looks best on you? Pull down your inner lip. That       shade of pink you see is the color that looks best on you!

Want more makeup tips for your Savvy Minerals? Like or comment on this post and I will make sure I share more!

Savvy Minerals by Young Living

Almost all of the makeup you find in cosmetic stores, are loaded with toxic chemicals, fragrances, and ingredients that can make your face break out and become irritated. Did you know that the makeup you wear soaks into your skin through your pores? So that means that all those chemicals and fragrances are soaking into your body, and can actually cause internal problems too! That’s why my Mom only lets me wear Savvy Minerals by Young Living.  Savvy Minerals by Young Living is pure  non – toxic mineral makeup. It contains 100% pure essential oils to promote healthy skin and helps control your body’s natural facial oils. It has NO TOXIC CHEMICALS WHATSOEVER and has a beautiful variety of colors and shades. It also soothes irritated skin, when you have breakouts, and such, and is perfect makeup for people with sensitive skin. This is the makeup I use and I love it! It is smooth and silky feeling on your skin and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a mask of makeup. I also think it smells wonderful because of the essential oils in it!

My favorite Savvy Minerals makeup to wear:   I like the “Natural” look and don’t like to wear too much makeup. Everyone has different tastes, but below you can see which Savvy Minerals makeup I like best!

  Foundation – Everyone has different skin tones. I’m a warm. To tell which you are, look at your veins on your wrist. Are they mostly blue or green? Mostly blue means you’re a cool, and green means you’re a warm!

Bronzer – Summer Loved. This one is slightly darker than Young Living’s other bronzer, Crowned All Over, which is more light and slightly sparkly.  I like it because it gives me a sun kissed glow!

Blush – Smashing. It is light and slightly sparkly. It works with my skin tone perfectly!

Eyeshadow – Residual. It is a slightly sparkly nude color. Cheers. This one has a pink tint to it but is similar to Residual.

Lipgloss/Lipstick -I mainly wear Young Living’s awesome  chap stick. but sometimes when we go out I wear a little lip gloss. My favorite one is Embrace {lipgloss}. It is a nude color that compliments your natural colored lips. Abundant {lipgloss} is also one that I like. It gives pinker bright lips, but is still calm. I don’t really ever wear lipstick, but when that once -in -a -while -occasion comes along I like to wear Daydream and Adore. Daydream is more nude, and Adore is a baby pink. The lipstick is smooth, creamy, and can be layered with the lipgloss for unique colors that you like best!

Mascara – Young Living also has mascara coming out very soon! And I’m sure it will be awesome!

Misting spray– this is a must have for mineral makeup to set it and make it last through the day! Plus it smells amazing!!

Want to see the colors, How-to videos ,and tips and tricks? Visit Young Living’s Savvy Minerals website HERE!

For more info on this amazing non-toxic makeup, visit


SOPHi Nail polish

I’ve been looking for 100% natural nail polish for a long time. We’ve tried out a lot of different half-way natural brands and just couldn’t find a 100% non-toxic one. Then we came across Piggypaint. It’s a kid – friendly Non- toxic nail polish with No – odor! I was like, “Jackpot!”. I didn’t think it could get any better…… but then I discovered PiggyPaint’s natural Women’s line of nail polish that has a beautiful variety of colors, that are calm and bright! Double Jackpot!! What I love about SOPHi nail polish, is that it has NO-odor , NO harsh chemicals, it’s durable, Non – toxic, 100% natural, and goes on so smoothly and nicely! It stays on for a long time when you do their application method. They also have a  non-toxic natural nail polish remover! You really  should check out their website and take a peek at their colors, nail pictures, and ingredients at,






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