Aloe Vera Mascara



Whether you don’t wear mascara, but want to still have long, dark eyelashes, or you just need a break from mascara, and still want to have nice eyelashes, this is the recipe for you! It is a clear, natural, homemade mascara that makes your eyelashes darker, longer, fuller, and healthier! Using aloe vera gel, and vegetable glycerin, it hydrates your eyelashes, and promotes growth while looking fabulous!

What you’ll need:

  1. Cold pressed aloe vera gel { click HERE for the one we use}
  2. 100% natural vegetable glycerin {  click HERE for the one we use}


  1. Mascara tube and applier { click HERE to see where I got mine}


Using the small funnel that comes with the mascara tubes, fill the tube half way with aloe vera gel. Fill the other half with the vegetable glycerin. Remove funnel and snap the plastic insert { that came with } into the mascara tube. Put the applier/lid on and  turn it upside down and gently shake until the liquid is fully combined. Apply like regular mascara  The first couple times that you apply this it might be a little clumpy from the aloe vera gel, but after several uses it will become smooth and easier to apply.

Please comment and share how this worked for you!!

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