Aroma-dough- 10th diy of “the 12 diys of Christmas”



Sorry for not posting yesterday! We were really busy! So I will be making up for it and posting later too.

My little siblings {and their friends} love this natural non-toxic EO infused play – dough! The texture is perfect and you can extend the life of the play dough by keeping it in the fridge. You can pick the scent { essential oils} and color { we like to match our playdough color with the color of the oil bottle we are using for it!} for all seasons and moods! This is a perfect EO – infused fun gift for your kids, nieces and nephews,  and grand children! Going to do a meeting but there will be lots of kids without babysitters? Bring this play dough and set up a table/station where they can play and be uplifted by the EOs in the recipe! Go to my “Christmas!” page and scroll down for recipe!

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