My sister, Nicolette, was in Australia with YWAM {Youth With A Mission}for 4 months. She had an amazing experience with the Aboriginal peoples there, city people, and learning more about God and growing closer to him. She is now in Manilla, Philippines, doing the same and reaching out to people in need of God’s word. But a month or so before she left for the Philippines, My Dad and I had an amazing opportunity to visit Perth, Australia and spend some time with her and explore Australia! It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to share all the pictures we took and all the places we went to while we were there with you!

{Above Far left} Sunset on the 16 hour plane ride from Dallas, Texas to Sydney Australia!

{Above second left}  Looking out over Sydney, Australia!

{Above middle} driving on the right side of the road!! My dad was freaking out!

{Above far right} putting Vegemite on pastries!

Perth Mint
The Australian Perth Mint has the world’s largest gold coin, a unbelievable display of gold nuggets, with stories of how some of the largest ones were found, and a live demonstration of how gold nuggets are melted and made into bars.

Caversham Wildlife Park
This place was so awesome! We were able to see many of Australia’s wonderful animals and see demonstrations of sheering sheep, cracking the whip, and parakeets talking in an Australian accent! The weather was so cool and nice { it was winter time!} .

Below I’m sitting next to a wombat, feeding baby sheep, petting a koala,  and holding a Australian snake! I also saw Kookaburras, pet kangaroos, and much more!!

Rottenest Island
Rottenest Island had such amazing, beautiful views that words are too cheap to explain it! The water was so enticing, but from just walking on the beach we saw LOTS of dangerous jellyfish everywhere, {including all over the sand!} and after going to the Australian aquarium, I was not about to go into the water no matter how pretty it was! There were seals, King Brown snakes, Huge brown lizards, and picture- perfect shipwrecks from hundred years or more ago!

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